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All cases of accident or emergency involving injury to students in school, on the school grounds, in activities (field trips included) or, on the way to and from school, are to receive First Aid.

No medications are to be given internally at any time by any of the school personnel to any student.  Medications will be given by the school nurse only when written preauthorization has been provided by the child’s physician and parent.

Minor accidents are to be cared for by the principal or teacher in the absence of the school nurse; the nurse is to be called if available.

Standard health procedures are to be followed in all such cases.  In serious accidents or emergencies, notify the school nurse and the principal immediately.  The following procedures are to be followed:

  • Notify the parent.
  • In the absence of the parent, consult the family physician.
  • If the family physician is unavailable, consult the school physician.
  • If no physician is available, take the student to the emergency room of St. Joseph’s, Wayne.
  • Arrange transportation (ambulance or car).
  • The Board of Education office is to be notified by the principal immediately of all serious accidents.
  • Fill out accident report with all pertinent data and send to the principal’s office with a copy for the nurse if she is not present at the time.
  • Students with a temperature of 100˚ or higher, cannot return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours.
  • Suspected Contagious Disease:  If a student presents with excessive coughing or mucus discharge, parents will be notified in order to pick up their child from school.

No student is to be excused to go home unless a parent or responsible person is at home.  If necessary, contact a parent or guardian at work or call someone delineated on the child’s contact list.

No student is permitted to walk home if ill.

If the school nurse is otherwise engaged and is unable to call for the student, the principal is to assume the responsibility for sending the student home, with permission of the parent.


The school nurse may assist any student who is required to take medication prescribed by a physician during the regular school day if the school has received:

  • A written statement from the prescribing physician detailing the purpose of the medication, types of drug, method of administration, dosage and time schedule.
  • A written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil giving permission for the child to receive medication prescribed by the physician.

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